The Surround Group

Surround Group was formed to provide experienced actors the opportunity to gather together and hone their skills so they remain fresh and sharp. Many drama groups contain actors whose experience extends across varying levels. This makes it hard for those already in the business to get the most out of the classes. Acting training can also be costly, yet another factor that presents hurdles to those wishing to maintain their skill level and network with other actors and professionals in the industry.

Surround Group offers professional working actors an affordable opportunity to regularly exercise their talents so they may continue functioning at their best. It is a place where a collective group who share the same work ethic can come together to run scripts and push their talents in a positive setting.


The Surround Group is a private members-only group open to actors age 16 and up who are already working in the industry. We don’t provide training opportunities in the form of acting classes, but rather should be thought of as a place where actors can flex their muscle with others who are on the same level.

Our group is made up of actors whose credits collectively include such works as:


  • Transformers 5

  • Automata

  • Outlander

  • Suspicion

  • Lime House Golem

  • Eastenders

  • Casualty

  • Last Tango in Halifax

  • Body Guard

  • Everest

  • Batman Begins

Benefits of The Surround Group

There are numerous benefits to taking part in the Surround Group. Many actors welcome the chance to continue training, even after they have broken into the industry.

This can be difficult because of the steep cost often associated with doing so, along with the mixed levels of talent and experience found in these types of trainings.

Surround Group gives professional actors the opportunity to work with others who share their passion and level of experience in a relaxed setting.

All members relate to the value of frequent practice and appreciate the opportunity to network and share with other actors.

Actors who take part in the Surround Group also benefit from the chance to receive feedback from highly accredited professionals in the film/TV and theatre industries who are invited to come and watch the sessions and provide well-informed suggestions and comments. Such feedback is invaluable and serves to guide and encourage actors as they further hone their skills.

Surround Group Sessions

Sessions last for two hours and takes place once a week, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Blocks will last for six weeks and are held in a central London location.

Sessions will consist of scenes chosen by actors. Each week, group members will work on them with a partner, a process that allows for the fine-tuning of skills while addressing any areas that are in need of improvement.

As a member, you will also be given the opportunity to practise audition pieces, do self-tapes, practice scripts you are about to work on or work on other aspects of your acting you feel need concentration.

Here at Surround Group, we are actors who come together to practise what we love to do. Our passion and dedication are what prompt us to meet each week, and we do it with our philosophy in mind:

Create, Focus, Succeed.

We pride ourselves in sharing valuable attributes necessary to be successful in the industry:

talent, a positive attitude, and reliability.

If you possess these qualities and are looking for a place to regularly meet with other professional working actors who share your talent and enthusiasm,

contact us today via the form on this website for more information, and to learn how you can become a part of the Surround Group.

You can also send us an email with questions or comments.

What our members say?